What can you get for the price of an iPhone X?

Earlier this week, Cupertino tech giant Apple unveiled the premium iteration of its flagship product, the iPhone X.

But while critics chattered about the lack of a Home button and the phone’s facial recognition technology, most of us only noticed one thing: its eye-watering $1,648 local price tag.

Yes, you heard that right. That’s over half the median monthly starting pay of a fresh grad ($3,360). And that’s for the cheapest 64GB version; if you spring for the 256GB one, you’ll have to hand over a cool $1,888.

But if you’re a diehard Apple fan who just needs to have that iPhone X, what can you give up to get it? We do the math.  


471 plates of char kway teow

1648/3.5 = 470.9

Assuming that each plate costs $3.50, you’ll only have to pass over 471 plates of delicious, sinful char kway teow in order to afford the phone of your dreams.

That being said, it’s not just your wallet that will thank you, but your waist too. According to online calorie counter MyFitnessPal.com, one serving of char kway teow is roughly 750 calories -- about a third of the Health Promotion Board’s recommended daily intake of 2,200 for men.  So that’s 353,250 calories saved. Thanks Apple!

13 Kanken backpacks

1648/129 =12.8

These ubiquitous Fjallraven Kanken backpacks aren’t exactly cheap at $129, but still, it seems that nearly everyone has one. Do you know what everyone doesn’t have? An iPhone X.

If you give up 13 Kanken backpacks (who needs one in every colour anyway?) you can squirrel away enough for that shiny new phone. Plus: If you’re lucky, your iPhone X will come in a swanky translucent drawstring Apple plastic bag which you can use to tote your shizzle around.

33 parking fines

1648/50 = 33

We’re assuming that you didn’t put any coupons, or that your coupons expired, and you’re suay enough to draw the maximum fine of $50 each time (the fine ranges from $6 to $50).

If you manage to successfully evade the summons aunty a grand total of 33 times, you would have dodged enough in fines to buy a spanking new iPhone X.

That doesn’t sound so hard now, does it?

Note: We cannot and do not advocate breaking the law. Use your parking coupons.

One-fifth of an Olympic swimming pool

Alright, math time.  

Now, these are the water prices per square metre, post-hike.

Using the prices from July 1, 2017, we see that that first 40m3 of water costs: 2.39 x 40 = 95.60
The price of an iPhone X minus that: 1648 - 95.6 = 1552.40
Water we can purchase with the remainder: 1552.4/3.21 = 483.6
Total amount of water an iPhone X is worth: 483.6 + 40 = 526.3m3

That’s about one-fifth of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which holds 2,500 m3 of water.

If I were stranded in the desert, I would take the water for sure. But here in civilisation, I’m starting to think that the iPhone X seems like the better choice.

15 legit Ed Sheeran concert tickets (or about 5 scalped ones)

1648/108 = 15.3

When tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert went on sale in May, they were snapped up in 40 minutes. The cheapest one, bought through official channels, was $108.

But as with every in-demand concert, opportunistic scalpers abound. Now, if you wanna catch the flame-haired singer in the flesh, the cheapest tickets are going for over $330 on reselling websites.

Now here’s a thought -- if we had bought tickets back then, and tried to resell them...maybe we could have made enough for an iPhone X.  Hmm.

Note: We cannot and do not advocate ticket scalping. Don’t be a jerk.  

Last resort: Sell a kidney

Despite what the Internet says about selling a kidney to buy an iPhone X, we would strongly discourage such a course of action. Still, might as well check it out.

We’re not quite sure what’s the going rate for a single kidney (after all, black market organ traffickers don’t exactly file their taxes), but according to the The Guardian, it ranges between £100 and US$2,500 (S$178 and S$3377), depending on where the donor is from.

If we take the average of that, we end up with $1777.50. That will get you the cheapest iPhone X, with $129.50 left over. That can’t even get you a pair of AirPods ($238), so it looks like you won’t be able to listen to soothing music as your keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens to your sole remaining kidney.

But hey, at least you’ll have an iPhone X.